The Elements

What’s Included in The Elements?

The Elements treatment brings together our most innovative and traditional services:  the Carbon Laser Facial and the OxyFusion Facial.  When these combine, the skin is instantly brighter, hydrated and glowing!*

The Carbon Laser Facial is performed by our RN’s to help rejuvenate the appearance of aging, damaged skin.* This gentle procedure is safe on most skin types to even out the skin tone, reduce the appearance of pigment, fine lines and acne scars.*

Following your Carbon treatment is the OxyFusion facial with one or our expert Estheticians. The OxyFusion deeply hydrates the skin imparting a radiant, glowing appearance.*  The Elements treatment is our newest and most effective rejuvenation for all skin types, tones and ages.*

Interested in trying it?  Your first treatment is only $375! (regularly $525)

* Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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