Thibiant estheticians combine the ethics of yesterday with the advanced technology of today to offer therapeutic facials. Our estheticians have the reputation of providing “tough love ” to their clients. The result is perhaps the most thorough cleaning they have ever experienced, while still achieving a healthy, balanced glow to their skin.* We continuously search for the latest technologies and skin care products to support our traditional, no-gimmick treatments. When booking an appointment, you can select any of the following treatments or you can allow your esthetician to guide you to the best customized experience for your skin.

Advanced Treatments:

Glow and Go!

An effective, yet gentle, exfoliation with an infusion of targeted serums to quickly retexturize and reenergize the skin at the same time.  Your skin will be instantly glowing and with regualr treatments you can expect to see an improvement with pigmentation, texture, hydration and the overall health of the skin.  This treatment may be done alone or partnered with a traditional facial for an intensified result.

30 minutes
$200 or $150 as an add on

Champagne Facial

Cheers to great skin!  Our Champagne Facial hydrates the skin from the inside out.   Targeted gels are gently massaged into the skin with a magical CO2 wand resulting in instantly hydrated, glowing, healthy skin.  May be done alone or perfectly paired with a traditional facial.

30 minutes
$225 or $150 as an add on

PolyChromatic Light

Commonly referred to as LED, but Polychromatic is far more advanced as it offers the benefits of the full spectrum not just one color or light.  Our PolyChromatic light helps heal, calm and sooth the skin post treatment or as a standalone anti-aging treatment.

20 minutes

Traditional Facials:


A basic introduction to our traditional facials.  The skin is thoroughly cleansed, masked and hydrated.  We recommend only having this treatment for your first visit, then advancing to a more targeted, results driven treatment.*

60 minutes


The Elements treatment brings together our most innovative and traditional services:  the Carbon Laser Facial and the OxyFusion Facial.  When the Elements combine, the skin is instantly brighter, hydrated and glowing!*

The Carbon Laser Facial is performed by our RN’s to help rejuvenate the appearance of aging, damaged skin.* This gentle procedure is safe on most skin types to even out the skin tone, reduce the appearance of pigment, fine lines and acne scars.*  Following your Carbon treatment is the OxyFusion facial with one or our expert Estheticians. The OxyFusion deeply hydrates the skin imparting a radiant, glowing appearance.*  The Elements treatment is our newest and most effective rejuvenation for all skin types, tones and ages.*

140 minutes
Regularly $525, first treatment only $375


These exclusive, ultra lux facials add immediate hydration and smoothness while leaving a luminous, gold glow.* It’s perfect for a special occasion! With regular treatments, you can expect anti-aging benefits including reduction of wrinkles, improved elasticity, brightness, rejuvenation and radiance while calming inflammation and redness.*

70 minutes


The Acne treatment, as performed by an Esthetician, is designed for both men and women of all ages who suffer from minimal, regular breakouts to the most severe acne skin conditions.* The treatment includes a customized peel chosen for each individuals specific skin and acne type.  If you commit to the program, as determined by your Acne Specialist, you can expect to achieve a visible change within the first few treatments.*  The result is clean, clear and healthy looking skin.*

60 minutes


The “little black dress” of our facial menu.  Every skin can benefit from this effective treatment.  Targeted gels are selected to treat oily, sensitive, dehydrated, pigmented or mature skin.  The gels are delivered deep within the skin with galvanic technology for an effective, lasting result.*

60-70 minutes


The Lifting facial is a lifting treatment that includes the benefits of the Targeted facial along with lymphatic drainage and micro-current muscle stimulation.* This combination tones the skin and firms the face deep down by exercising the muscles.* Your face will be rejuvenated, hydrated and visibly lifted.*

60-70 minutes


An amazing prep to your facial, this treatment evenly and gently removes the top layer of dead skin to ensure complete penetration of any mask, serum or moisture treatment.* Can be booked alone or perfectly paired with either an OxyFusion or another facial as prescribed by your aesthetician according to your skins needs.*

$150 Face as an add on to your facial
$200 Face
$220 Face + Neck
$250 Face + Neck + Chest
$200 Upper Back


A customized exfoliating treatment to instantly brighten dull, fatigued skin.  Once the skin is thoroughly exfoliated, any actives used after will penetrate the skin more effectively for a longer lasting result.* The skin is instanly bright, fresh and younger looking.* For the ultimate glow, maximize the skin-refining effects of this treatment with the add-on Collagen Mask.*

60 minutes


The facial that put us on the map of the LA beauty scene! This facial delivers an instant glow, firmness and rich hydration to skin that has visible signs of aging, including loss of volume, firmness and moisture.* Using galvanic technology, we are able to infuse 24 of the worlds most scientifically advanced ingredients deep within the skin to achieve a more youthful, rejuvenated, healthy complexion.* Partner this treatment with a Microdermabrasion to enhance and prolong the beautiful benefits.*

60-70 minutes


A breath of fresh air for your skin!  Your Esthetician will infuse one of 3 customized serums to treat your specific concerns.  Serums include Hyaluronic Acid, an ingredient found naturally in the skin and known for its superior benefits as a moisture binder, along with powerful antioxidants such as Vitamins A, C, and E and Green Tea.* Or a blend of botanical brighteners and super concentrated Vitamin C to balance uneven skin pigmentation, blemishes or problem skin.*

70 minutes
$180 (add on to your facial)



Facials are recommended in a Series, please call 310-278-7565 for questions regarding our Series Sales.

* Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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