Treat Acne At Any Age!

It’s never too early to develop healthy skin care habits — which is why we encourage coming into the spa for a first facial as early as 12. Thorough cleansing and sun protection is essential — especially before the teen years, when puberty and hormonal changes can lead to acne-prone skin. By getting skin care guidance early, you can help instill healthy skin habits that will serve your children well into their teen and adult years!

For adolescent skin, one of our expert estheticians will administer a gentle cleansing and hydrating facial, complete with sun protection. She’ll then help your child select the optimal cleanser, toner, exfoliant, and sunscreen for day-to-day use, depending on his or her skin type and concerns. If a four-step skincare routine seems like a lot to your youngster, you can remind him or her that it’s always much easier to prevent and treat acne than it is to reverse acne scars once they’ve developed.

For adolescents, teens, and adults who are actively experiencing issues with breakouts, we’re excited to offer an innovative treatment program that combines in-spa facials with at-home maintenance for optimal results. This customizable regimen requires commitment, but offers an effective and noninvasive solution to acne — without antibiotics or the potentially harmful side effects that go along with them. Treatment begins with a consultation from a certified Acne Specialist, who will determine your skin type, acne type, aggravating factors, and skin tolerance. She’ll then select a targeted regimen of topical products for at-home use, which will be paired with a clinical acne facial every two to three weeks. To maximize the results of the program, we recommend six to eight in-spa facials, over the course of three to four months. After a full course of treatment, you can expect to see dramatic improvements in skin clarity.

At Thibiant, we’re committed to offering a proactive and cost-effective solution to both teen and adult acne issues. We’re thrilled to have two certified Acne Specialists on staff — and to welcome them, we’re offering free Acne Consultations ($75 value) and $50 off your first acne treatment for the month of October. To learn more about these and other exciting acne treatment offers this month, call or email us today!

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    This is a beautiful spa with the latest treatments; I thought Alyson was extremely knowledgeable and made sure I had the best experience here. I'd highly recommend this place to everyone!* Dominique D. Santa Monica, CA * Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

    Dominique D.

    Georgette was so thoughtful & my Radiance Facial was amazing - I travel frequently for business and my skin was dry and uneven. I was so relaxed after discussing my concerns & fell asleep, then woke up literally glowing. The best part was the customized service and tailored treatment specifically to my skin. I am half Mexican & half Irish - so I have fair skin that tends to become uneven - I purchased the fabulous hydration mask to keep the glow going!* Tina A. Laguna Hills, CA * Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

    Tina A.

    Went in for a massage and couple treatments. Staff is so nice and helpful. Looking forward to my next visit already.* Adam S. Santa Monica, CA * Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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